Different Clothes for Different Occasions

helpful tipsThere are many kinds of clothes that are worn by people. For special occasions, there are certain clothes that have to be worn. We have different clothes to be worn to different places. The clothes that are worn at home are different from when they go out.  To go to school, students wear uniform. To go the offices, we wear formal suits. To go to party, we wear dress, etc.

The clothes for hiking are different from the one we wear when going to beach. There are various types of clothes that are needed by people. Besides, people also wear accessories for certain clothes.

People who live in the country that have four seasons wear different clothes for each season. The clothes that they wear in spring, in summer, in autumn or fall are different from in winter and vice versa.

In the country that has four seasons, the clothes they wear is not have a lot of difference in very season. In dry season people like to wear light clothes and in dry season they like to wear thicker clothes and wear jackets or mantle.

People have to wear formal clothes or suit for special or formal occasion. Men usually wear the coat and tie for formal occasion or going to office the tie that use has to be match with their coat, shirt and trousers. Besides that they also use custom ties for their tie.

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